Monday, September 27, 2010

Animals of the Chinese Zodiac - The DOG

1919, 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006.

7pm to 9pm  (19:00 to 20:59)

Lucky for:
* happy and safe travel
* romance
* spending time with friends
* making a budget

loyal, protective, fearless, devoted, friendly, unselfish, optimistic, preserving, strong-minded but amiable, persistence, intelligence and know-how, helpful, loyal, caring, resourceful, honest, deep, blessed.

anxious, cynical, pessimistic, withdrawn, nervous.

Tigers and Horses

Dragons and Rams

The Dog is known to be loyal, protective and loving, although when need be, they can be fearless and fierce.

Dogs have a tendency to get involved in things without thinking of the consequences of their actions.  They want to bound ahead without hesitating to go over details or plans.  They want instant results, so jump in head first.

Dogs are honest and straight-forward and have a watchful, anticipatory nature.  They most often come across as placid, but they are generally restless underneath.

Dogs make wonderful friends and generally have many in their lives.  They seldom have enemies  -  but when they do, they are formidable foe.

Dogs are demonstrative in showing their affections and do not shy away from a reciprocated display.

Dogs are optimistic to the point of sometimes being over-opimistic, leading to disappointments.


Dogs and Tigers often enjoy passionate affairs and sizzling relationships, but Dogs and Pigs are most suited long-term.

Rats are too nervous for the sociable Dog, and the Ox and Dog would clash to no end.



  1. Loves Tigers and Horses? My sign is Dog, so is my mother's. My only younger sister's and my grandfather's are Tiger. He lives with us. My father is Horse. So wow!
    My deceased grandmother was Rabbit, and she seemed to like shopping indeed. She bought expensive things (of six-figures of yen at most, I remember), and she had debt. (When she was still alive.) My father and grandfather was angry about it, but I didn't feel like blaming her because my grandfather was cheating her (!!!!) when my father was young, I heard (but not heard in detail, I don't know what he did exactly at that time). I thought and believe that by buying many things that my father and grandfather says "useless," she was trying to release the stresses she had that had been caused by the relationship with him.
    As you describe it as Horse's attribute, my father hardly gets sick and boasts about it. But again as you write, he has been prejudiced because of it. He says the illnesses and diseases are own fault of those who have them. He says they are "wrong" so they get sick, and believes it. I think what he says is nothing more than nonsense and a great disrespect and insult to my grandmother, whose liver was very sick, and to me, who have skin disease now and to people who suffers and those who try to save them all over the world. I have been becoming convinced more and more that although my grandmother's liver disease was due to virus, the stress was the main and maybe the only reason of all of her diseases. Her bones had become weak and hollow (diagnosed as osteoporosis). She had cramps in legs, and even in each finger! She was in pain from fingers when cramps occurred. But she never moaned, and she said that she didn't want to as she had heard her grandmother moan very loud when in pain. She died on October 21st, 2013, 6 days before my birthday and was finally released from the physical pain over years. Her birthday is April 21st. Exact 6 months distance, before and after. I believe it was her way ("choosing"?) to show and tell us something, for us not to suffer or feel guilty.

    I don't think my relationships both with my sister and my father are very good but rather bad, but I can't complain much now that I know Tiger-Dog and Horse-Dog aren't the worst combinations at all.

    A little about me: I'm considerably pessimistic, and trying to be more optimistic, by reading quotes and books by Helen Keller for example. (She wrote a book titled "Optimism". It deals with a lot about optimism and pessimism.) But I found your explanation of Dogs - "being over-optimistic and leading to disappointments" very good, because my expectations set too high sometimes. I didn't think I might be optimism and pessimism at the same time or my pessimistic views about myself is a rebound of my high ideals or optimism.
    As to traveling, I'm very relieved to know that I hardly ever have to worry about accidents! I want to go to a lot of countries.

    Thank you for this post.

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