Monday, September 27, 2010

Animals of the Chinese Zodiac - The RAM

1907, 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003.

1pm to 3pm  (13:00 to 14:59)

Unlucky for:
* signing contracts
* agreeing to proposals
* taking risks
* scheduling engagements

methodical, orderly, conservative, successful, realistic, balance and harmony, patience, research, the host, home-loving, control, controlling, planning, social, attention to detail.

fussy, self-centred, dependent, insecure, indulgent.

Rabbits and Pigs

Oxen and Dogs

Rams are the realists of the Chinese Zodiac.

Rams like for everything to be in its proper place, and are very orderly creatures.  They are overly methodical in everything they undertake, and plan things down to the final detail.

Rams fear failure above all else.  Being realists, the Ram sets themselves achievable targets and goals and find recurring success.  No over-ambitions for the Ram.

Rams like for things to run smoothly, and will move mountains to ensure the equilibrium for themselves, their family and friends.  To this end, Rams can be interfering and at times, meddling.

Rams can come across as a little dull and un-spontaneous.

Rams make excellent secretaries and personal assistants, as they take note of the finer details.

Those born under the sign of the Ram are often masters of the waiting game and bide their time and patience, until they consider the time is ripe to strike.

They are meticulous in all that they do.

In matters of the heart, Rams form happy relationships with other Rams (who ‘get it’) and with Horses.  Oxen are not compatible at all in the long-term and Rats are too quick for the Ram.

The Ram is a home-loving creature who loves nothing more than playing host in their well-furnished homes.  Not only do they enjoy the company of others, but they also like to display the homes they’ve made for themselves.

Rams make wonderful friends, but can be initially cautious and wary.



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